Del’s Pest Control is a father and son team that work together to take care of your pest control needs. We work thoroughly to make sure we help treat the pest problem at hand. When you call, we take your urgency seriously and do our best to have a next day response plan.

We are not only Pennsylvania licensed and certified by the Department of Agriculture, but also have 20 years of experience in residential pest control, usually servicing small businesses, churches and social clubs. Small scale commercial businesses are also part of our clientele so whether it’s residential or commercial, we can help!

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We understand you may not know what exactly your pest problem is so we are happy to help work through that to solve your infestation. Identifying what insect or rodent is something we can do upon arrival or over the phone if you know what pest is in your home or business.


Whether it’s termites, spiders, bees, hornets, centipedes, ants or mice, we can create a customized plan just for you. Del’s Pest Control is a family operated and family valued business. When we return your call, we let you know who to expect at your home and when. Give us a call today and….


 let us know what bugs you!

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